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just 2 little things

1) This is going to just about all of my communities, except a very small number of them. I've invited people that make icons to any number of my communities but haven't always gotten as many icon posts as I'd like; often cuz other members discouraged such posts. So, from now on, those of you that make icons are encouraged to join and post your work at Lots and lots of IconsIconnage·Art...

...which isn't to say you can't keep posting what you do here, but I'd like you to post it there as well. Especially as it's specifically just an icon community I'd love for you to post there more than you do here and as often as possible.

This doesn't count icon posts or icon dumps of stuff you didn't make yourself, as some of my communities allow for.

2) Changing one of my standard rules: If you want to advertise any kind of community please do so at Livejournal OverdoseWe·Need·a·Life and not here. I used to allow advertising in any of my communities if it kept to the theme of that community but I'd like to cut down on that a bit...until it dwindles to nothing.
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posting to communities

4:01 PM 11/19/08 · Anytime you post anything to a community you run the risk of a range of responses. Some people may love what you post, some people may hate it. Some could go either way. I'd like to think that anyone that has a problem with it would do the decent thing and just skip on by without comment.

Not a lot of decent people out there.

People tend to toss the word 'troll' around way too easily.

Whatever, no skin off my nose.
evil dat is me


A bit of the earlier thread before it happened: Clicky! I'd give you more for context but some of the icons were a bit sexually disturbing.

This is a community for pretty much what it says, I posted here fairly often but not daily; maybe a couple times a week. Found some amusing MUGEN and posted them and one guy kinda laid into me. He wasn't being all that serious and what he suggested, with most of his icons, was fairly ludicrous but I went along with it anyway...and got mildly criticized for it. The some nut windwind, catchy, calls me a troll.

Frankly I'm not even sure why.

Good morning.
Victory is mine!

some people really can't leave well enough alone


I'm not in a lot of food related communities but of the ones I am...food_porn is definitely one of my favorites. Make it a point to not post there that often, to save things I deem particularly appropriate to it rather than every random food related thing that comes my way or flits through my brain. So, naturally, when I wanted to go off about the transcendent joy that is my birthday cake I posted it to my journal and there...

...the post was not well received.

Most railed against it, saying it wasn't appropriate for the community (which is funny as the rules on the community profile said it was fine). A few of them, very few, were actually nice about it...but the majority of them were equally rude and pissy on the matter. I had a few supporters in there but what I really grinned about was the fact that the mods of the community came to my defense.

They said my post was appropriate to the community and its rules.

Ironic twist? The ones that were getting on my case were breaking the rules. There's a bit in there about not criticizing what is and what isn't appropriate for the community. That if you have an issue with a post you go and talk to the community mods about it.

Apparently, most people don't follow the rules they attempt to slam others with. Some apparently can't even let the matter alone after everything has quieted down either: Clicky! You'll need to join that community to read that post.

There were a few accusations of my being a troll due to my post in food_porn. The ones that bothered me the most were from ChupacabraAlicia & SleepyGwynne, who both flat out said I was deliberately trying to ruin the community for everybody else.

Like that makes any sense!

Anyway, I think I've more than made my point. I was sincere and the people that both run the community and likely made it agree with me. Those that complained actually violated the community's rules.